We serve giant steaks. You will want to cut these steaks with the proper tool. That tool is a Forge De Laguiole Steak Knife. We have these knives on hand and if you join our Knife Club we will polish and store your knife for you and present it on each visit. (You own the knife, so you are also welcome to take it with you.) In addition, members of the Knife Club will be invited to special tasting events and can have first dibs on special nightly beef cuts. Join the club



When you purchase a Sevenbeef giftcard in the amount of $2000 you also become a member of the exclusive Sevenbeef Knife Club. Your gift card can be redeemed any time for any amount up to $2000 at the Sevenbeef Steak Shop. And with the gift card, you also receive a handsome, genuine Forge De Laguiole Steak Knife engraved with your name (or any name you chose). We will also clean and store the knife for you here at Sevenbeef and present it to you each time you arrive to dine with us. (You may also take it with you—it's yours to keep!)

Simply purchase a gift card below for $2000 and we will send you a membership voucher that can be redeemed for your gift card and your knife during your next visit to Sevenbeef Steak Shop.


Knife Club Membership

Sevenbeef Knife Club Membership includes a $2000 gift card to Sevenbeef Steak Shop and a genuine handmade Forge De Laguiole steak knife with optional engraving at no extra charge. The gift card is good anytime for any amount up to $2000 and there is no expiration date.

After placing your order, you will be mailed a Knife Club Membership Voucher which you can bring with you on your first visit to Sevenbeef. Exchange this card for your knife and your plastic gift card and join the knife club!

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The Knife : Forge De Laguiole 

Each knife takes several days to create. Over 40 successive steps are needed to achieve just one blade. The quality of the finish, the strenth of the blade and its spring, the thickness of the bolsters and plates, as well as the accuracy of its calibration are the elements that contribute to its lifespan. 

The blades and other components are forged in the village of Laguiole, France. Each model is assembled and shaped by the same cutler to assure accountability and pride of ownership of the final blade. The lines of the knife must respect the general profile determined by the Laguiole cutlers of the nineteenth century and today those same lines inspires many designers. Appreciated by collectors, it has a perfect edge and seasoned gracefully by changing colors and patina.  It retains its luster and sharpness over the years. A true Laguiole knife can only be Forged in the Village of Laguiole, much like Champagne is produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region.

In French tradition the propriétaire of an establishment would store their special guest personal steak knife for their own use. Some knives would be engraved with the guest name and some would come with a leather case for their guest to take on their travels. 

Sevenbeef has chosen the Routard Knife, Brazilian Snakewood/Amourette handle, and leather case. The traditional symbol of the Laguiole bee is replaced by a globe and the spring is engraved with “Laguiole du Routard”.  This knife is being made in collaboration with the “Routard Travel Guide”. We hope it will accompany you on your journey at 7 Beef.