When you purchase a Sevenbeef giftcard in the amount of $2000 you also become a member of the exclusive Sevenbeef Knife Club. Your gift card can be redeemed any time for any amount up to $2000 at the Sevenbeef Steak Shop. And with the gift card, you also receive a handsome, genuine Forge De Laguiole Steak Knife engraved with your name (or any name you chose). We will also clean and store the knife for you here at Sevenbeef and present it to you each time you arrive to dine with us. (You may also take it with you—it's yours to keep!)

Simply purchase a gift card below for $2000 and we will send you a membership voucher that can be redeemed for your gift card and your knife during your next visit to Sevenbeef Steak Shop.