About Sevenbeef Steak Shop

We source whole, grass-fed and grass finished cows from Heritage Meats in Rochester, Washington. All of our beef is dry-aged and cut in house by our own butcher. Standard cuts are available daily: Côte de Bœuf, Poterhouse, New York, Rib Eye and T-Bones, alongside harder-to-find special cuts like Oyster, Zabuton, Belly Steaks, among others. The wood-fired grill provides most of the heat and there are a large selection of roasted vegetables and small plate appetizers to choose from. We also serve our namesake: Bò 7 Món which is our take on the traditional Vietnamese dinner featuring beef seven ways. We serve this alongside Rau 7 Món which takes the same concept and applies it to fresh, seasonal vegetables. See the menu.